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A few good things to know about freelance websites

Thinking about joining a freelance or crowdsource website to boost your customer base? Have a read of this article from Rachael Chiverton.

Rachael’s expertise lies in small business contract writing and bespoke terms and conditions. In her blog, she talks about pros and cons of freelance websites and summarises some of the main things to look out for.

Choose Wisely

Says Rachael, “if you choose your work wisely, look for high value, tangible projects where you know your skills and expertise meet the buyer’s expectations, it can be very rewarding.

Receiving great feedback is very motivating, and the higher your rating as a freelancer, the greater your visibility becomes.”

It worked for me

When I first started my business I joined People Per Hour and it was a good experience.  I approached it in the way Rachael describes in her article; being choosy about the type of jobs I pitched for, that I could meet the buyer’s deadline without underselling my services.

Is it right for me?

If you think crowdsourcing is right for you then my advice is to read the small print and make sure you understand any restrictions and most importantly, how and when you get paid.

How much to charge?

Another great piece of advice from Rachael is about setting your rate.

Rachael says, “Don’t bid below your usual hourly rate and be realistic with the time estimate.” ….”If your rate for the job comes in above the buyer’s budget, then explain why in detail. Chances are you thought it through and included aspects of the work the customer didn’t think of.”

Read Rachael’s full article here:

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